SAG   Schweizerische Astronomische Gesellschaft.
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FG Astronomische Vereinigungen   Fachgruppe Astronomische Vereinigungen der VdS

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SAG Section   SAG-Fachgruppe Sternwarten
Astronomical Observatories Association Switzerland (AOAS).


SwissEduc   Unterrichtsmaterial und Vorträge zum Thema Astronomie (in deutsch).


MPC   Minor Planet Center
    MPC Database Search
    List of Numbered Minor Planets
    Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service
    MPC Orbit (MPCORB) Database
    Observable Comets
JPL   JPL Solar System Dynamics
Information related to the orbits, physical characteristics, and discovery circumstances for most known natural bodies in orbit around our sun.
    Small-Body Database Search Engine
    Small-Body Browser
    Small-Body Missions
    Date/Time Converter
CalSKY   Nighttime Asteroids (deutsch).
    Nighttime Comets   (deutsch).
    Small-Body Database Search Engine
CNEOS   Center for Near Earth Object Studies
Table of close approaches to the Earth by Near Earth Objects (NEOs)
IAWN   International Asteroid Warning Network


- for planning:

Guide 9.1   General-purpose charting/desktop planetarium tool
List of actual comets
List of distant minor planets (Centaurs and Transneptunians)
List of critical-list numbered planets
List of NEOs and unusual minor planets
Bright Minor Planets at Opposition in 2017
EasySky   Desktop planetarium/visualisation tool (available in german and english)
MPC   Orbital Elements for Software Packages

- for recording:


- for analyzing:

Astrometrica   Shareware for research grade CCD Astrometry

- for documentation:

Template Word   Template for a Microsoft Word document (.docx)
Template Excel   Template for a Microsoft Excel document (.xlsx)
Formular deutsch   Formular zur Erhebung von Sternwarten-Daten (.docx)
Formulaire en français   Formulaire pour la collecte des données de l'observatoire (.docx)
Modulo in italiano   Modulo per la raccolta dei dati dell'osservatorio (.docx)